Football Fans: Introducing Your Los Angeles… 49ers???

49erslogo.gifThe San Francisco 49ers could be heading to L.A. if things don’t pan out with a new Bay Area stadium. reports that relocating to Los Angeles could be a last resort if Plans A through C fall apart. I don’t know about you, but, L.A. was always my first choice. Anyhoo…

  • Plan A: Santa Clara – 45 miles SE of SF. Maybe sorta on the ballot for November.
  • Plan B: San Francisco – Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard. A toxic dump. Silly San Franciscans, dumps are for schools!
  • Plan C: Brisbane – Not Australia, although, that would be an awesome away game road trip.
  • Plan D: City of Industry – LOS ANGELES STADIUM!

While Industry still seems like a logistically dumb location for an NFL team in L.A. with its lack of mass transit friendliness, the thing is already in the planning stages. Ed Roski, who is one of the guys behind the Staples Center in Downtown L.A., revealed some flashy renderings for a $800 million venue back in April. Now all he needs is a team to play there. The list of candidates for relocation includes the Chargers, Vikings, Jaguars, Saints, Bills, Rams, Raiders, and the 49ers.

One of them will move. Not ‘if.’ But, ‘when.’

Are you ready for some football?

3 thoughts on “Football Fans: Introducing Your Los Angeles… 49ers???”

  1. This will never happen. NFL owners realized a few years ago that there was more to gain financially with the threat of moving a team to LA than actually doing it.

    Can LA support a team? Of course we can, LA is a great sports town, but nobody is moving here. The Chargers have already been here and you can count on the fact that they would move to block another franchise from moving in. If LA ever gets a team again it will be an expansion franchise but that would also kill the goose that lays the public funding egg so it’s unlikely to happen. Besides, the NFL makes money because of TV and there are plenty of people here watching the games every week without a team in town. The NFL already makes money in the LA market without having to go through the trouble of giving us a team.

  2. There is already a Metrolink station at the site. Check out, the website gives a great detailed map of the mass transit route. The stadium is centrally located to all of Los Angeles communities. Perfect.

  3. Teams always use LA as a threat.

    The NFL wants to expand into Mexico and possibly Canada, not waste its time with fair-weather LA fans.

    Besides, we already have a football team that has the following of a pro team: USC.

    I would only go to see an LA team if the Eagles were playing, since I grew up in Philly and that’s my team. I’m sure a lot of other transplants would be the same way.

    Not to mention the Raiders fans…another topic for another time.

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