Book Fair @ City Hall, June 7th

The 6th Annual Feria del Libro: A Family Book Fair will be happening this weekend at City Hall in Downtown Los Angeles (Yes, I do have to write that because once I told me friend to meet me at City Hall meaning Downtown, but he went to West Hollywood since that’s where he lives. Sigh.). The event’s focus is not only to introduce and entice kids into reading, but to do it in a “culturally relevant” way.

I went to this book fair in 2004 and it was pretty neat to not just read and buy books about Latino, black or Asian kids, but to also there are children’s books in various languages. One of the nice tie-ins to this event is the Million Words Challenge, a county-wide literacy-advocacy program that encourages children to read a million words outside the classroom. In this all day event, you’ll have the opportunity to meet various authors, discuss literacy with them and local elected officials. There’ll also be hands-on educational interactions, music and of course, people dressed as characters from your favorite children’s books.