FIRE At Universal Studios


A fire is raging at Universal with over 100 (other reports say 200) firefighters battling the blaze that started around 5am this morning on a soundstage. You can watch streaming video at MyFOX Live. King Kong is reported lost as is the film vault. No reports of human injuries so far.

Universal City Walk and Universal Studios tour/attractions are still going to be open today.

(picture is a screen grab from my computer.)

Update 9:15am:
There are over 400 firefighters working on this fire now. There have been a few minor injuries to the firefighters, nothing serious. The fire started on New York street and that has burned down as has Courthouse Square, where, if I’m not mistaken, they shot Back To The Future — Clocktower, lightning bolt, etc. King Kong is no more and now the biggest fire is in a tape vault building and that will take about another hour to put out.

9 thoughts on “FIRE At Universal Studios”

  1. Wow.

    I hope the injuries those firefighters have are not serious. I am very happy to hear no civilians on the lot were harmed.

    Important pieces of history are no more. Hill Valley square is gone, so is our pal King Kong, the New York backlot…

    and the pictures. Thousands of films now lost.

    Great Scott.

  2. The irony is that that Courthouse Square from Back to the Future is a replacement for the original that burned after an arson fire in the 80s.

  3. It may have been open in the morning, but by early afternoon, everything shut down, and as of a little after 7PM, nothing had re-opened.

    However, the MTV Movie Awards went on as scheduled. I took my mom to see them, and we planned to eat lunch somewhere at CityWalk before the show. Unfortunately, everything closed right before we got there.

    Not such a big deal normally, but I was afraid that missing planned meal might be a problem for my mom, since she’s diabetic, and nobody outside could tell us whether they were serving food inside the amphitheatre. She felt she’d be fine with a little something to munch on, so I knocked on the nearest food store with people still left inside.

    It was Popcornopolis, not ideal to be sure, but our seemingly best option; and I explained our situation to the gentleman who came to the door.

    He returned with a small bag of Kettle Corn, probably the least sugary thing they sell, and he refused to take our money when we offered to pay for it.

    I’ve got three things to add:

    1) Needless to say, I was blown away by this really simple act of kindness. I’ve done some decent things in the past, because they are the right thing to do, and it amazes me how surprised many people are when you do something nice for them. I think kindness and consideration should be the norm and not the exception. Still, like I said, today I was the one who was surprised and appreciative. I can’t thank that guy at Popcornopolis enough.

    2) Popcornopolis is tasty, tasty problem. I first started eating their caramel corn at Staples Center, and I eat it/curse it practically every Kings game. So, if someone were to come to our rescue, I’m sort of glad it was Popcornopolis.

    3) I was wrong. I only had two things to add, but I didn’t feel like scrolling back up to edit.

  4. Thanks for the updates on closures (I was gone from my computer most of the day) and also the nice report on a good samaritan, Ataki.

  5. David,

    Actually the fire was in 1990 caused by a security guard who worked on site.

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