Everybody Walks in L.A., at ARTWALK Culver City

img_0891-custom.JPGCulver City is very attractive.  It must have been fun to have lived out here when the place was up and coming, or hip, or funky.  From my perspective, after spending time along the main stretches, it’s none of those things now.  But Culver City is a very enjoyable, established place.  It does a lot of things right.  Yesterday’s ARTWALK was one such thing.

Some 45 art galleries and exhibition spaces participated in ARTWALK in Culver City’s “Arts District” along Washington Boulevard near the intersection of La Cienega.  According to Susan Obrow, who is Culver City’s Performing Arts and Special Events Coordinator, last year’s ARTWALK attracted an estimated 10,000 visitors.  This year’s event looked quite busy as well.  Wandering through nearly all of the participating galleries, I spotted paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, and other works of art covering a wide variety of styles (albeit primarily contemporary), and priced from $150 to $26,000.

However, for those of us not in the market, the sights and sounds (supplied by four musical ensembles beginning at 5 p.m.) could be sampled for free.  Some galleries packed in the visitors with complimentary hors d’oeuvres and beverages as well. 

img_0892-wince.JPGThe ARTWALK also gave visitors another chance to sample Culver City’s seemingly effortless mix of old and new.  This mix was evident at the Helms Bakery, where folks sat outside refreshing themselves with beer, burgers, and sweet potato fries at the new Father’s Office, possibly in between gallery trips, or bouts of shopping at the H.D. Buttercup Furniture Mart inside.  It was also apparent in the architecture firms, cafes, and even some dive bars sprinkled among the galleries along Washington. 

So Culver City doesn’t just have historic buildings, user-friendly signs, good movie theaters, numerous places to eat, and a Trader Joe’s with covered parking.  It also knows how to put on a really good neighborhood event.  Those damn showoffs.img_0893-wince.JPG

2 thoughts on “Everybody Walks in L.A., at ARTWALK Culver City”

  1. I was there for a friends opening night at a gallery about a year and a half ago. It was very interesting and the town certainly was exciting. What keeps me from going back is the lack of parking.

  2. Frazgo, it’s true, nearby parking can be tight, especially when they have events like this. Oh, how I long for the vast open parking spaces of DC and New York City, haha, j/k.

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