The Official Freeway Ride Video #2 (Bikes!)

I mentioned in my previous post that there were numerous camera filming different angles of this second bikes on the freeway ride and that footage has been compiled and published. Here it is, for your enjoyment:


6 Replies to “The Official Freeway Ride Video #2 (Bikes!)”

  1. Robert Hurst, in his excellent book The Art of Urban Cycling, refers to riding a bike as transportation as, in many ways, “a slap in the face to contemporary American culture.”

    That makes this ride the Bitch Slap!

  2. I’d totally ride a bike..if other bikers around here weren’t complete dicks with their peloton-style riding and their gay Livestrong bracelets.

    Besides, why are we promoting people riding bikes on the freeawy? Isn’t that illegal?!

  3. I understand the point they are trying to make, put the legality issues aside, being on the freeway they are taking their life in their hands. That is the last place a driver would expect a bike. Sadly in metal vs flesh confrontations flesh loses.

  4. @aaronproctor: other people’s Livestrong bracelets are what’s keeping you from riding a bike?

    @frazgo: tsk, tsk, tsk, those cyclists could get hurt out there in the parking lot!

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