Bikes On The Freeway, Again!

May 10, 2008 at 1:42 pm in Biking in LA, West Side

Last month a group of cyclists calling themselves The Crimanimalz took to the freeways in a daring demonstration showing exactly how inefficient driving a car in Los Angeles can be sometimes. They rode their bikes on the freeway. I said then that this move was equal parts stupid and awesome, and stick by that. Yesterday, they did it again…

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And there’s also now an entry on the ibikeyou wiki documenting this, what now seems to be reoccurring, display of fed-up-ness. Also as can be seen in this thread on Midnight Ridazz, it seems regular bikes were joined by roller bladers a one incredibly tall bike. Possibly with some kind of head mounted camera (that footage does not seem to have been released yet).

A few unconfirmed rumors, speculation, and bold faced lies:

  • While the first ride had around 12 people, this ride may have more than doubled and been closer to 30.
  • This ride may have been attended by Superman and Han Solo.
  • People in cars on the freeway may have been seen cheering the riders on and taking phone cam phictures.
  • A darring run from the police might have been involved.
  • It’s been suggested that there were over 7 cameras filming video of this ride, footage from which may or may not be edited together and released.

Shocking events for sure, what will happen next time?

Pic by alexbcthompson full set here. UPDATE! A few more pics and a brand new video after the jump.

Nothing to see here!

Nothing to see here!

Crimanimalz – The Freeway Ride II (Teaser) from Flunky Carter on Vimeo.

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