Fun in the Forest – Lightning in a Bottle

May 7, 2008 at 6:10 pm in Events

Last year, MFMD (My Fabulous Man Dan) and I took a very last minute cruise up above Santa Barbara to a really cool festival, Lightning in a Bottle. We camped, danced to some of the best DJ’s I’d heard all year and saw some great performance art. In general, had a splendid time. It was a very communal event; strangers became friends, green workshops abounded and it was all set amidst a beautiful forest campground.

This year, Do Lab, the group behind this event, is at it again. May 23-26, you can go for what they are calling a ‘magical forest adventure’ at Lightning in a Bottle Festival. I have to say, the DJ/Band/Performance Artist line-up is impressive: Marques Wyatt, Lucent Dossier, West Indian Girls and lots of others. They are also putting on green sustainable workshops, so you can learn a thing or two after you party! Last year was last minute for me, but this year, it’s on the plan.

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