Word to the wise: Avoid Downtown tomorrow

I just walked down the street to a shop on the corner of 4th and Main and was in line behind an LAPD officer who was advising another customer to avoid Downtown if at all possible. As you might be aware tomorrow is the scheduled May Day Protest and the offer suggested that all of downtown will basically be gridlocked from 10am to 6pm at least. The other customer noted that she had an appointment downtown around 10am and asked if the other people trying to get there would be more than an hour late and the officer corrected her noting “hours” were more like it. So, that said, if you are planning to pass through Downtown tomorrow you might want to push that off to another day if you can. And if you work Downtown, I’d say forget the car and look for other ways to get in and out.

6 thoughts on “Word to the wise: Avoid Downtown tomorrow”

  1. I knew it was coming. You beat me to the post. I’m heading into the mountains for some shooting. Should have me far enough away from it all not to iritate or inconvenience.

  2. What about those of us who were planning to, like, you know, go to the protest? Should we avoid downtown as well?

  3. Well that may be a bit melodramatic. I went to the protest last year and there was no traffic. I drove to a lot right next to the start of the “parade” and when I left, I got back home in 15 minutes. The street closures aren’t that bad because there’s so much street parking/parking lots around the area.

  4. I work in one of the buildings where the protest is and so far it is still pretty calm and empty. No traffic coming in to work at 10am. *shrug*

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