Fantastic Journey: Militant Angeleno Retraces Sacatela Creek

One of my favorite L.A. bloggers is Militant Angeleno and though I’m waaaay late in getting to his Monday post, it’s better late than never giving him a shout-out about his dedicated endeavor to go find the flow of one of Los Angeles old mid-city waterways. Starting from Shakespeare Bridge between Los Feliz and Franklin Hills, he ventures south into Koreatown on a trip to find what lies beneath. I don’t know what’s more awesome: the journey or what he discovers of L.A.’s past and present along the way:

The creek ran south-southwest, behind the Ralphs Supermarket, the Shatto 39 Lanes bowling alley and the Islamic Center of Southern California, then running west between Wilshire and 6th St.

The constant flooding of 6th and Mariposa (pictured left, circa 1920s) was one of the reasons for turning the creek into a storm drain. Sound familiar?

Today, the 6th and Mariposa intersection is home to “DWP Distribution Station 61” and, until recently, an establishment called “Creekside Cafe.”