Dear Hollywood, this one is for you.


I’m not sure the exact angle to take on this, but I blame Jack Valenti somehow.

6 thoughts on “Dear Hollywood, this one is for you.”

  1. The ironic thing is that gangster rappers have become the updated version of the coons that we see in the old clips in this video.

  2. You mean to tell me that the gangster thing has become a tired caricature of the entire African American community?


  3. And that makes it entirely ok to stereotype black people, because you know really it’s completely their fault.

    ok moving away from sarcasm…i liked gangster rap, i don’t like the rap they have out now. gangster rap was punk rock. nwa was awesome. ice cube was awesome. in retrospect, gangster rap was pretty much the only music actually saying something political in the 90s other than hardcore.


  4. what i’m saying is the people who came up with step ‘n fetchit, little black sambo, the black bucks, uncle toms and all the other roles we were expected to fill in popular culture have just updated the roles for modern times. i never said it was ok to stereotype black people, i’m saying it’s sad that it’s a new day and the same shit is still going on.

  5. oh i wasn’t talking about anyone specific in this thread twistfunk, i was just being random sarcastic. i was going to leave it up with just that, without saying i was sarcastic and no reference to my love of obnoxious music, but then i thought…what if no one knew i was being sarcastic, what if that wasn’t funny, and what if someone read it and thought i was being racist and then i would have to go “i’m not racist” and that could go on forever…


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