Judge Not Lest Ye Be… In Violation of LAMC 28.04

bj4j.jpgAs elections inevitably approach, campaign signage becomes a garish fact of life on our streets, and clearly the grassroots effort to get corporate lawyer Bill Johnson elected to Office No. 125 of the Los Angeles Superior Court has gotten off to a quick and early start in contributing to the blight. I’ve seen these stenciled banners more and more around town. There’s several strung up along Jefferson Boulevard (such as the one at La Cienega, seen at right; click to embiggenate), and I’ve found a couple more on 2nd Street between Beaudry and the Belmont tunnel.

I’m tempted to vote for Johnson because the L.A. Times has recently endorsed his competition, Superior Court Commissioner James Bianco. I’ve got nothing against him, it’s just usually whoever the Times endorses automatically means I’ll be going the other way.

This time though, I’ll have to make an exception because it’s just too deliciously ironic that a candidate for judge would support and allow promotional signage that’s in violation of Los Angeles Municipal Code 28.04, which prohibits handbills, posters, placards, or any unauthorized advertising from being attached to fences, trees, and utility poles.

It gives new dimension to the old warning: Post No Bills.

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  1. There’s one of these on a fence at Beverly and Commonwealth as well, attached to a fence. I thought it was a homemade banner from the property owner (which is pretty embarrassing since I drive down the stretch of 2nd you referred to multiple times a week).

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