64 Worst Quarterfinals: LAUSD vs. People Who Don’t Pick Up Their Dog Poop

64 Worst round 4/quarterfinals

By now, you’ve discovered a little inconsistency in the matchups of our little L.A.’s 64 Worst Things shootout.

We put up some huge contenders against each other in the early rounds (LAPD vs. L.A. Times?) that resulted in great but slightly-lesser evils being eliminated prematurely.

dog pooSo now we’re left to decide head-scratchers like this: What’s worse – inconsiderate dog owners? Or the entire bloated, lazy, horrible, costly and tragically ineffectual LAUSD bureaucracy?

On the one hand, you have a relatively small number of selfish, short-sighted dolts who are fouling our streets with the products of their indifference, leaving an unsightly, unsafe, unsavory mess and degrading the quality of life for every man, woman and, especially, child in Los Angeles.

On the other hand, you have some dog owners who can’t be bothered to pick up their shit.

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Me, I think the utter evil of letting more than half the children in LAUSD leave school forever without a diploma has a far worse impact on L.A.’s quality of life and standing as a world-class city than a stinky, yet biodegradable brand of trash that sticks to the shoes of the unlucky.

Shit washes away.

Wasted minds, squandered opportunities and rudderless kids do not.

They wind up in crummy jobs (if they’re lucky) and juvenile hall headed towards prison if they’re not, and we all feel their loss in myriad ways.

Our city is poorer, our social fabric is tattered, our economy is anemic and our future is bleaker because of the way LAUSD is run.

But then I have two kids in an LAUSD elementary school. And our entire school community was forced this month to try raising $180,000 to save three vital teaching positions that have been cut in favor of maintaining head count at LAUSD’s Beaudry Street, among other fucked-up priorities

So you can vote for a few selfish pet owners if you really feel the dog poo is a worse scourge.

But excuse me if I don’t give a … well, you know.

7 thoughts on “64 Worst Quarterfinals: LAUSD vs. People Who Don’t Pick Up Their Dog Poop”

  1. I’m with the dog poop. Namely because the assholes across the street. They don’t walk the dog. They let the dog out to do her business and my front yard is personal bathroom. To rub salt into the room, they sit in the window and watch the dog shit on my front yard. I’m thisclose to scooping up all the bombs (8 total yesterday!) and dumping them on their front step.

  2. do it faboomama. When I was in vegas the crazy bitch had only cactus in her yard so her dog came to our yard to crap. We started collecting it all and tossing it on her cactus. Eventually it looked like a bunch of olives on toothpics. Never happened again.

  3. I’ve got to go with dog poop. There are alternatives to public school (whether they are any good is debatable of course) but I can’t seem to find anywhere to walk that is not covered in excrement.

  4. I don’t mean to be the a-hole who thinks he’s the idiom police, but…

    Faboomama, did you intend to say “To rub salt into the room,” or perhaps rub salt into the wound? I’m not sure I understand the former.

  5. Let me get this straight:

    You are more aggrieved by the actions of a few inconsiderate people that results in – well, ugly trash on your own sidewalk only near where they live – than by the near-abandonment of responsibility by a government organization that doesn’t seem to give a damn that nearly half the 700,000-plus Angelenos it supposedly “educates” won’t get out of high school with enough education to land a decent job?

    Color me mystified.

  6. Mack kids are the future. We have no future. The sidewalk is right now.

    My world and the world around me is the only thing that is important. Get with the program, public school is for commie bastards. You’re not a communist are you? I’ll have to report you.


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