L.A. = America’s Most Hated


Does America hate Los Angeles? If you go by a poll by Travel & Leisure, the answer is yes. I don’t know when this thing was taken, but, I had to see the results for myself.

According to this “survey,” we suck in affordability, safety, public parks, architecture, and pizza. We’re dead last in public transportation, overall cityscape, friendliness, and intelligence. But, when it comes to shoes, we’re number 2.

I was gonna say something smart here. But, I too dumb. Screw you, anyway.

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19 thoughts on “L.A. = America’s Most Hated”

  1. Don’t worry about it. If we were America’s favorite city, we’d be trying to figure out how to triple-deck the freeways.

    (Besides, some of those results are downright loopy. Phoenix, AZ has more intelligent people, better public transit, more historic sites and monuments, and is more environmentally aware than LA? Hahahahahaha! Makes me wonder how many of their survery respondents have ever been to the cities they’re rating.)

  2. I still say all those people drinking the Hatorade are just jealous because we’re beautiful. ;) Nothing makes me love LA more than getting out into “the real world” and seeing “normal” people. Living off Melrose Ave. really threw my world view for a loop.

  3. Well, affordability and public transporation I can agree with. But the other comments- it makes me wonder if people think LA is full of just immigrants who can’t speak English and bimbo movie stars.

  4. Wait, isn’t this old news? I think this TL story came out a few months ago. LAist was on it then. Come on guys, pay attention to the competition. Some of us read both blogs, you know?

    Yep, just checked and it was. I also reread my comment. I said I was down with the poll in the intelligence dept. and the blogger chick, poor thing, got all huffy and defensive with me, listed area universities, complained about too many hipsters in NYC, etc., like it proved her point.

  5. Sorry, thunderboltfan. Guess I’m a little behind on my LAist reading! This is what happens when my allergies act up.

    Tomorrow, I will write about the Raiders leaving town.

  6. Yes, Los Angeles is terrible. Please don’t move here, and please spread the news to everyone you know in Peoria or wherever you live.

  7. I agree with lamapnerd and hindinwood. In fact, we should hire a PR agency to spread more negative information about L.A. You know, that fog by the beach usually envelopes the whole city for days on end. There’s no place to get good Mexican food. And the natives are all fat and ugly. We can be like the Vikings, who, with some clever country naming, encouraged invaders to show up in icy “Greenland” while partying it up with hot babes in safety in the milder “Iceland.”

  8. People, people…

    The answer lies in the “About Us” page of Travel and Leisure:

    Travel + Leisure Magazine
    1120 Avenue of the Americas, 10th Floor
    New York, NY 10036

    So yes, the East Coast Conspiracy is up to no good as always.

  9. I find the nations perceptions of the city amusing but not bothersome; as some other commenter’s have pointed out we hardly need more congestion but as someone who moved here from somewhere else I can’t exactly tell people not to come out here. I do get annoyed when people who live here tell me they hate it here. I usually encourage them move, I even will offer to help them pack.

  10. The ethnic food list is absurd.. looking at the cities that beat out LA.. Philly? Washington DC? Honolulu? Santa Fe???

  11. Perhaps for them “ethnic” only means “Italian,” “Jewish” or “Eastern European.” Most New Yorkers actually believe that Mexicans are fictional characters invented by Hollywood and that Chinese food was invented in NYC and not, you know, in China.

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