Chantry Flats Fire (formerly known as Santa Anita Canyon)

It looks like the common name being referred to now that the fire has shifted around is the Chantry Flats Fire.  It continues to threaten some 100-350 homes in Sierra Madre.  There are areas of mandatory and voluntary evacuations in Sierra Madre.  Containment is reported to be less than 5%.  The local TV stations all have their own stories on the fire up this morning. 

The Sierra Madre Blog by “91204” will be the one to watch as he is literally blocks away from the fire. 


Photo courtesy of “auntialias” and used with her permission, follow her blog 2020hindsight for details on the fire as well.  Her photo was taken from Huntington Oaks center in Monrovia about 5 miles SSE from the fire.

More on the fire and a few personal accounts after the jump

The Foothill Cities Blog has been putting a lot of coverage on the fire and the readers are leaving comments pretty much real time relaying their first hand experiences.  Follow the growing comment list on their “Fire in the Arcadia/Sierra Madre Area“.

My friend Kate Clark has been busy all day with the Monrovia American Cancer Relay for Life and had a few things to share in an email late last night.  First is that several of the Monrovia Fire Fighters told her that the “looky loos” flocking to catch a better view are becoming a problem with getting equipment in and out. 

My suggestion, if you have the urge to view pick a spot at one of the many coffee shops on Foothill Blvd from Pasadena to Monrovia.  You can get a good view of the copters and planes and not be in the way of the fire fighters or the residents needing to get in and out.

Kate also shared this bit regarding her friend Debbie who lives in the fire zone.  Security is tight and the result is at least one child not making it home.

“…discovered that my best friends’ home is in the evac zone, and their son (the 16 year old with no ‘real’ ID: a library card won’t cut it) is not yet home from a party with his brother’s friends…  No, its doubtful they fire/police folks will let Philip into his own neighborhood now, esp without ID: text boy and tell him to be delivered to my house for tonight.”

The final local blog that will likely have some updates is Monrovia City Watch.  He has one post so far but his blog in general is a good read on exposing what goes on in small town politics and could be an interesting diversion as well.

Sorry I won’t be able to help with too many more updates until very late this evening but am off to the OC for family functions.  My apologies to any of the blogs in the area putting up their accounts of the fire if I missed you.

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  1. Awesome coverage on this fire and I noted that this morning’s LA Times had no mention of yesterday’s fire at all…rather, if it was in there, it had to be super tiny since I didn’t notice it.

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