Reality Bites: Putting The “Ill” In L.A. Mill

Silver Lake’s L.A. Mill Coffee Boutique enjoyed a gloooooowing review from S. Irene Virbila in this week’s L.A. Times Food section, and it was enough to make me put aside my disinterest in the place (fueled by a disdain against any eatery that calls itself a “boutique”) without too much prodding from my wife Susan and walk over to give the place a try for breakfast this morning.

Was the food and drink as good as Virbila gushed? We couldn’t tell you for lack of a server for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 minutes after we were seated by the hostess outside with menus. Ten minutes in with nothing but water and flatware from a passing busboy to show for our patience and grumbling tummies, I started the five-minute countdown timer of my wristwatch and told Susan that I’d be leaving if a human being hadn’t arrived tableside before the display read 0:00 and the alarm beeped. She even went inside to to alert the hostess that we were ready to order, and the hostess’ reply as to the delay was an instant classic: “Maybe the servers don’t realize it’s 9 a.m., yet,” she said, with that particular hour being when table service begins. My clock read 9:30 and the timer read 4:30. And counting.

Long rant short: the alarm sounded and we left, taking my reinforced disregard and our hunger pangs for a walk down to Dusty’s on Sunset where 15 minutes into our visit there we were enjoying our meal, not wondering if “boutique” is French for “clock-challenged.”

3 thoughts on “Reality Bites: Putting The “Ill” In L.A. Mill”

  1. that is a hell of a walk to take when you are hungery!! Thanks for th ereview you saving me a disapointing visit to Coffee Mill.

  2. You’re welcome Dorit. But I say don’t let my aggravation keep you from giving it a try. I say take the good food that the Times reviewer found and the bad service that we encountered and discover for yourself.

    We may go back sometime. But I doubt if it will be for anything but coffee and a muffin.

  3. Oooooohhhh that was a good review. Bad for you that the experience was so miserable but at least as dorit pointed out, you saved the rest of us from the same fate. Thanks.

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