Fire in the San Gabriel’s above Arcadia

I was just heading out to get some dinner when I noticed this smoke from a fire billowing up from the general area of Santa Anita Canyon north of Arcadia.  That area last burned 12/26/99 if memor serves correct.

I’m heading that general direction shortly and will update with more information and photos.

With the temp at the house at an uncomfortable 101 I hope this is not the official start of Fire Season.

7 thoughts on “Fire in the San Gabriel’s above Arcadia”

  1. I can hear the Arcadia PD and FD on my scanner, and nobody sounds too worried. It’s burning up the hill, away from homes, though they’ve just called for one truck to be used for structure protection.

    KCBS’ website says that there’s another fire in Glendale, off the 5 near Brand. If that’s accurate, I hope it’s just a coincidence that this fire is also burning, rather than the work of some douchebag arsonists.

  2. Helpful you two, thanks.

    I’m on the Arcadia/Sierra Madre border and snapped some pics of flames licking at the side of the mountain. It seems to be cutting a swath west/northwest toward Mount Wilson.

    The smoke seems to be pushing east, for what that’s worth.

    It better not be arsons. It just better not be.

  3. Dammit! I get so scared when its near SM! They really have to rethink building up against the chaparral. I love SM too much, I know. I love you SM!

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