Wild Beasts Invade

So a week ago, just as I was going to bed I hear some weird scratching noises in my wall. At first, I thought it was my trickster boyfriend Dan, playing a mean joke on me… but then it continued. I got up and went into the living room where the noise was emanating from, and it was clear an animal was in the wall. The next morning I looked around the base of the house and sure enough, one of those screens was pushed away that are supposed to keep animals out. I put it back.

Next night, same thing, louder noises. Longer. In the morning, yep, the screen is pushed out again. Now I was getting worried. The last time animals got in the garage, they chewed up wiring and caused a lot of havoc. Here they were in my walls! Next thing I know, I won’t have power.

Then, last night…. or shall I say this morning, because at 5am both Dan and I jerked awake to a hear slamming, then thumping, then screaming, then hisssing and a damn loud growling noise in the wall…. RIGHT NEXT TO OUR HEADS!!!!

And it didn’t stop, it kept going on and on and on. I banged on the wall. The noises got louder.
First I thought it was a fight, but why didn’t they finish each other off? Then I heard that weird squeaking noise raccoons make, some low gutteral growls and figured they must be mating. One hell of a time. Humans have it good if that was what was going on! At least we have the gift of romance.

Finally, after about 30 minutes of crazy love, they settled down.

Now I guess I have to get a trap.  I called Animal Control and they don’t lend traps, sooooo anyone know how to trap a raccoon (hopefully it’s not a skunk!) and where to get one of those crazy animal traps? Any tips would be welcomed.

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  1. You should call a service to handle it for you. Those traps aren’t legal in Los Angeles because too many people would buy them to trap animals and strays, set them up and then forget about them (so the trapped animals would mutilate themselves or starve to death while stuck in the cage for days). Besides, do you really want to get near a cage with a trapped raccoon or skunk in it?

  2. Yeah, that’s probably a good idea…. otherwise it might descend into an episode of “I Love Lucy” with me starring.

  3. I registered here to add that LA animal control won’t give you a trap, but they will rent you one for five bucks a day. You have to post signs in your neighborhood stating there is an animal being trapped for about three days prior to the trapping. Now, what to do after you catch it is another story. I would guess that after you seal up all the grates, they won’t be able to come back, so you could release it/them wherever. We recently trapped a feral cat that was spraying on all of the doors of our house, and beating up our cats. We got it fixed (animal control also does this for free) and released it. The trap was humane and big enough to accommodate a raccoon. Good luck to you. It couldn’t be easy to sleep with that racket!

  4. I dont know, this is starting to sound like the thesis for a daily blog as you chronicle the experience of living with a racoon, its finding a mate, and their eventually raising a family while homesteading within your walls. Or, you could get rid of it. I’ve heard tossing around moth balls dispels skunks, might be worth a try on the raccoons.

  5. I believe Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies has a safe raccoon trap. I do hope you will release it somewhere instead of exterminating it.

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