“Lost” in L.A.: Did red light cameras snag a hitman?


This 2005 negative from a West Hollywood red light camera at Santa Monica and La Brea was taken minutes after the homicide of Noor “Nadia” Jarrah a few blocks away. The photo is apparently of Ishmael Bakir, an Iraqi born man whose bullet ridden body was found in a Tikrit back alley months later.

Mrs. Jarrah was thrust into the public eye after marrying Sayid Jarrah, one of the Oceanic 6. Perhaps coincidentally, Mr. Jarrah, a former Revolutionary Guard during Sadaam Hussein’s regime, was attending funeral services for his wife in their native Iraq around the same time Mr. Bakir was killed.

[thanks to Flotsam at the Fuselage for steering me to the screengrab]

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