LA Weekly Sans Comics?

tomorrow.jpgSo I haven’t picked up a Weekly in months, not so much because it sucks or anything but because the newsweekly recyclers hit the stacks near my house before I can even grab one. (It’s a huge racket in the paper biz–one delivery guy drops off his papers, then grabs everyone else’s & recycles them for cash, ’cause, well, he’s broke.) But a little bird just notified me this is the fourth straight Weekly without Tom Tomorrow, Kaz, Lynda Barry, Tony Millionaire or Carol Lay. Wot? Srsly? Is this true?

Said birdie also was annoyed that the comics seem to have been cut, while “Nightranger” stayed. I have to admit a weakness for Nightranger, because I love prognosticating new fashion trends (sorry). However I certainly see less social merit in ‘Ranger than in the cartoons, which were politically subversive & great social commentary. Losing them & keeping Nightranger’s socially myopic navel-gazing with its blank-glazed ironic-haired clubbers idiotequeing in rainbow sherbet-colored lights (not Lina’s fault, it’s her gig and she does it well, with a good eye & good writing–it’s just that a “society” beat is, by its nature, lacking much content) is disconcertingly symbolic of changes that seem to be happening not just at the Weekly, but throughout much of the “free” press, and, of course, to bring my argument narrowly close to grandiosity, our culture itself.

4 thoughts on “LA Weekly Sans Comics?”

  1. The comix in the Weekly are so sporadic. I used to could rely on just turning to just before the stripper adds and seeing my favorites Underworld, and Maakies. Then they started moving them around, excluding certain strips, and then all together omitting the entire section! Bastards.

    BTW, I don’t think Tomorrow’s strip was ever in the Weekly. I remember it being in New Times, and then the LA Alternative Press.

  2. I liked Ernie Pooks Comeek, especially when it was written as if a 6 year old was drawing, but other than that have rarely been interested in the Weekly’s eccentric choice of comics.

    Then again, I haven’t picked up a copy of the Weekly since they stopped running the crossword a couple years ago.

  3. I think the problem is people think the LA Weekly is an alternative paper it’s not the publisher Beth said straight up that they are not an alternative paper.

    I think if you look at it that way the LA Weekly is doing a great job, even though it’s cutting people and columns and ideas. Joe Donnelley is gone. That’s just amazing, but I knew once Jill got in there that would happen. Why would you need two deputy editors?

    I think the idea of a free print press is dead, at least in the social commentary type idea of it. Now it’s about music, movies, and fun and maybe if everyone already agrees something is bad they’ll discuss it briefly.

    I don’t think this is bad though, I just think something else will come in it’s place. If you are around over twenty years you become an institution and how can an institution be alternative?


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