64 Worst’s Sweet 16: Smog vs. Self Important Jackholes

Since L.A.’s infamous smog has made it into the sweet 16, I’d like to take the opportunity to let everyone know that National Air Quality Week begins next Monday, April 18th. Keep an eye out for coupons to get your car’s emissions tested, and if needed, consider rigging your car to ensure passing. But take pride in knowing that Los Angeles is ranked #1 as the United States’ Most Polluted City, according to the American Lung Association. Whoo-hoo! (cough, cough.)

I haven’t seen a study, but I’m pretty sure sociologists would also rank L.A. as having the highest density of self important jackholes who think they’re entitled to cutting in line at restaurants and clubs, deserve better customer service, and feel little need to extend common courtesy because of who they think they are or are associated with. Do these people wake up in the morning, and stare into a mirror all Travis Bickle like, rehearsing the line, “Don’t you who I am?”

What is worse about L.A.:

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4 thoughts on “64 Worst’s Sweet 16: Smog vs. Self Important Jackholes”

  1. Oh man, these are getting tougher and tougher to choose! It’s easier to ignore the smog than Jackholes, but I guess I really gotta go with the air polution on this one…

  2. I’m stunned, smog is a health hazard. Jerks, don’t make me cough, wheeze and make my eyes burn. Wow.

  3. I’ve been living with smog all my life, and it’s never made me want to move out to the Midwest, but the mass of Self Important Jackholes in LA does make me think about skipping town.

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