Want to be a hero? Like money? Find this Chihuahua

Hey friends, Mark and Steve here.

We’re both dog lovers, Steve has two adorable girls, a Shih tzu named Muppy and a Pug named Gertrude. We know what it’s like to have a pet run off, so stories like this hit home.

Now, we’re not ones to post any old missing dog story, but this one has some pretty unique circumstances. Alisa Zoe and her boyfriend were in a serious car accident on the night of Sunday, the 20th. Their dog, Moo was with them, apparently unharmed by the accident, ran off during all the hullabaloo that follows two giant wads of metal colliding.

From the original post:

EDIT: If you will be in or near Hollywood, print and put up posters for my lost dog Moo http://media.neoglam.com/moo-poster.pdf

My boyfriend and I were in a very bad car accident on Sunday night at the corner of Fountain and Mc Cadden. My pet chihuahua, Moo was in the car with us. She appeared unharmed after the collision, however she freaked out and ran away. Witnesses say she was last seen safely crossing Highland at De Longpre.

I yelled for help and for someone to catch her, but the gawkers just stood around doing nothing.

A lead claims to have seen her enter one of the lower-level businesses at the West Hollywood Gateway on Santa Monica and La Brea, shortly after the accident. This lead is convinced an employee or a patron took her in, but so far no one’s admitted anything of the sort.

Despite being hurt we wandered the streets for 3 hour putting up 200 posters the night of the accident, 100 more yesterday and more today.

I’m offering a generous REWARD for her safe return. Please help.

Again, her name is Moo, she’s a female Chihuahua, about 4 years old and between 5 to 7 lbs. She’s very smart, white+black with a near-perfect black circle on her back in addition to other black spots. See photo and email me with any questions. Thank you so much.

Please please please repost anywhere you can!

5 thoughts on “Want to be a hero? Like money? Find this Chihuahua”

  1. Hey, just wanted to say thank you for posting.

    Just got in after another 4-hour postering expedition – it’s been over 48 hours now and is really starting to wear on us. The various accident-related scrapes are not helping.

    I really hope that my Moozer is in good hands and that whoever has her sees this or our posters, understands how much she is needed and returns her safely.

    Thank you again,

    ~Zoe [Alisa is my birth name, I put it on the posters for legal purposes but use this one in day-to-day lifestuff]

  2. Let’s hope Moo gets reunited with her peeps soon and that it’s the post-accident frustration and exasperation coming through Alisa’s statement of “I yelled for help and for someone to catch her, but the gawkers just stood around doing nothing.” No one present may have come, to her assistance, but it seems a bit misplaced to fault the bystanders on the scene for failing to attempt the capture of an unfamiliar and what must have been a distressed and quickly moving animal.

  3. Poor Moo. Zoe and I used to work in the same office, and our pups often visited with one another. Please, if you have her or know who does, help return her to her loving mommy.

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