Earth Day on Wilshire Blvd.

As Burns noted earlier, Wilshire was closed today for Wilshire Center Earth Day, which my family attended (see photos). Our original plans included me and two toddlers taking the train downtown where I had to do some work, then hopping the train over to Wilshire. Those plans fell through due to my husband’s insistence on coming with us and his crazy resistance to public transportation in Los Angeles. So, it was with great irony and much annoyance, that after finishing our work downtown we sat in traffic on 6th street forever and day just to attend the Car Free Earth Day celebration on Wilshire Blvd.

When I heard about this event last week I was a little more than excited about it. Think about it: A street fair with music and a stage on a Tuesday. Brilliant, I say! Worker bees and residents could walk over on a break and we’d be bereft of scenesters.

The entire festival was a lot bigger and a lot more crowded than I expected. There were two stages set up for performances, though we never made it over to the main stage. The booths were 90% educational. The other 10% were split between the typical organic tees with exceedingly lame sayings and the spiritual side; i.e., tarot readers, psychics and vibration/magnetic/crystal specialists.

I was pleased to see Plyboo was there showing off their awesome wares. Naturally, there was plenty of information about solar panels, building green, public transportation and water conservation was at the max. MillionTreesLA had their booth, of course, and was giving away 5 gallon jacarandas, “And this time, we’re really gonna water this tree!” was overheard several times as people walked waddled away with their new trees. As long as they’re aren’t wasting water…

The biggest shock of the entire event was the severe lack of food available. What is a street fair in Los Angeles without the lemonade, jerk chicken or Filipino food booths? There was Green Truck, which killed me considering the whole taco truck brouhaha going on right now. But I’m a practicing carnivore and tofu wraps were not in my future…at least according to the psychic.

The event was billed as Wilshre Center’s “first annual” street fair. My only suggestions for next year would be more food, get a farmer’s market going at the same time and try to get the vendors to use less paper.

4 thoughts on “Earth Day on Wilshire Blvd.”

  1. I went to that, I’m not sure how they called that a green event. That was a laughable marketing piece of crapola.

    Buy this, buy that, buy this, buy that, invest green and what was the deal with the driver ed training school booths all over the place…

    It was sad, it piseed me off that this is what has become of the green movement. I knew the environmental movement had been co-optd when Rupert Murduch got intervied on Grist I was so like WTF, that was the last time I went to that site.


  2. I Metroed down there with my daughter, we danced in the street, it was awesome.

    As far as the food factor, that may have something to do with not wanting to run afoul with the local restaurants on Wilshire who’s regular business gets impacted by such a large event.

  3. Browne, I agree to a and my husband talked about it yesterday and it was all marketing. Now, I get that the Wilshire Center did it as a sort of boosterism for their locale, but the vendors…some of them, I just didn’t get their purpose for being there, like the How to Raise a Step-Child booth. I couldn’t believe how many blank looks I received when I asked for an email list I could sign, instead of me filling out a piece of paper and getting 3 other pieces of paper shoved in my face. And the more I think about it, the more annoyed I am that the psychics/tarot readers/crystal gazers were overrepresented at this event. We tend to avoid a lot of earth day things because of those people and this event really reinforced the notion.

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