64 Worst’s Sweet 16: Scientology vs. Cost of Buying a House

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On the bright side, the cost of purchasing a home in Los Angeles seems to be dropping according to The California Association of Realtors [via LA Times LaLaLand]:

“The median sales price of an existing, single-family detached home in California during February 2008 was $409,240, a 26.2 percent decrease from the revised $554,280 median for February 2007.”

That’s right, a four hundred and nine thousand dollars. Chump change, especially when compared to the type of “clarity,” “cleansing” and “knowledge” that just $500,000 could bring you and a signifigant other of you spent that on classes in the Church of Scientology.

Approximately a quarter million will allegedly bring each individual to the level of “OT VIII” (Operating Thetan level eight) where you’ll learn not only how to astrally project, resist all forms of disease, and rid yourself of homosexual urges, but also be told of “knowledge so dangerous… any Scientologist learning this material before he is ready could die.” [“Inside Scientology,” Rolling Stone, Feb. 23, 2006] And yes, it involves Xenu, and explains that the story of Christ and other world religions are mere propaganda meant to keep mere mortals down.

UPDATE 10:57am, 4/24/08:

POOL CLOSED due to “enterbulations” coming from “SPs” lookin for “lulz.”

Results up until 12:01am today: Cost of Buying a House (103 votes) – Scientology (80 votes)
Results from registered voters only: Cost of Buying a House (19 votes) – Scientology (16 votes)

Based on the preceding, Cost of Buying a House is declared the “winner.” Scientology is “cleared” from progressing further as the “Worst Thing About L.A.” – although, according to previous polls, it’s in the top 16.

…poll closes Friday evening…

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