64 Worst’s Sweet 16: Parking Tards vs. the Starbuckification of LA

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It’s ironic that Parking Tards are even on Metblog’s list of the 64 Worst Things About L.A., considering how much we love to find, photo, and write about them. If you’re like me, spotting a parking tard is sort of seeing a washed up celebrity in LA – not all that rare, but you still need to tell everyone you know. Besides, posting these photos makes up for the fact that we often forget to have parking a-hole infraction notices printed and ready from [email protected].

And then there’s the ever sprouting weeds known as chain stores that seem to make every LA neighborhood look like the other, and LA look like every other city in the US. Heck, check out this map of downtown LA – there are eight Starbucks in an eight block radius! Granted, gentrification is a nationwide epidemic, and many franchises launch on the West Coast before spreading like the plague, but at the current rate we’ll need to begin designated historic status on strip malls if we want to retain a unique sense of identity.

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  1. The worst is when somebody parks right by a driveway, but four or five feet from it, thereby taking up two spaces. Ughhh, why!?

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