Lost in Legowood

LegowoodNobody in their right mind would mistake Miniland U.S.A. in Carlsbad’s Legoland for an encyclopedic catalog of America’s most important cities. Yes, New York is predictably well represented with every one of its major landmark buildings recreated in miniature using Lego’s trademark bricks. Heck, the skyline even includes Daniel Libeskind’s original design for the Freedom Tower.

And while there are also tiny versions of Washington DC, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Las Vegas for tourists to ogle over, other major cities are completely left out of the picture. Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, St. Louis, and Cleveland are among the many cities who don’t even get a shout out.

But what about that major metropolis sitting just 90 minutes north of Carlsbad? You know, the second largest city in the nation?

Oh yes, Los Angeles is in the house.

Well, actually, make that Hollywood.

Um, oh boy, this is awkward, how ’bout “Legowood?”

More pictures and insult to injury after the jump.

That’s right. The folks at Legoland don’t even have the decency to get the Hollywood sign right.

The Southern California portion of Miniland U.S.A. actually devotes more space to its southern neighbor San Diego, and, because of its proximity, that makes perfect sense. But it just feels like a real slap in the face to not even mention the city of Los Angeles proper.

Los Angeles is represented by four structures: The Griffith Observatory; the Hollywood Bowl; Mann’s Chinese Theater; and the Hollywood sign, which has been changed to the aforementioned “Legowood.”

Normally I might let this go. But $120 for two adult tickets is a hard pill to swallow.

Maybe I’ll end up eating crow in a few years when my daughter’s old enough to enjoy the park. But for right now I’ll stick to vitriol and that ancient Klingon proverb, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Hollywood Bowl
Okay, in all fairness, the Hollywood Bowl’s description mentions that the amphitheater is the summer home of the LA Philharmonic.

Mann Theater
Any chance the film premiering is John Carpenter’s Escape from L.A.?

6 thoughts on “Lost in Legowood”

  1. Personally, I imagine some Legoland designer paging through a book of iconic LA architecture, taking one look at Disney Hall, and going “Hey, tell ya what, why don’t we just stick to Hollywood?”

  2. The folks at Legoland don’t even have the decency to get the Hollywood sign right.

    Go easy there, MW. “Legowood,” certainly seems lame at first glance, but believe it or not the Hollywood sign is trademarked and Legoland would either have to pay for the privilege of recreating it or open to a lawsuit if they attempted to do so without authorization.

  3. Either that or the trademark holders charge some outrageously heinous amount. If not, since Legoland is dinging visitors $60 a head, one would think that they’d be able to afford to pay for the reproduction rights.

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