Have We Learned Not Anything!? 1!

It’s a statistical fact that the agonizing theft and rejoicing recovery of Hambone the pitbull was:

  1. Paid attention to by every single angeleno and several dozen folks from Iowa;
  2. The extreme exception to the rule in terms of the beloved dog being reunited with his guardian.

2dogs.jpgSo you can imagine my disappointment stopping at 6th and Fairfax yesterday afternoon and seeing this adorable duo of dogitude (at right; click to humongify) tethered to a bike rack and left to patiently fend for themselves in such a desolate place  (and smelly too — the noxious odor of sulphur never seems to disipate around that intersection) while their careless guardian no doubt galavanted around inside the 99-cent store on the corner.

When are we gonna learn, people? Bike racks are for bikes!

5 thoughts on “Have We Learned Not Anything!? 1!”

  1. Yep. Saw the same thing yesterday: owner busy shopping in the corner store, dog attached to a bike rack outside, no way to see what happened to it from inside. I told the owner she should be careful, dogs get stolen and hers was particularly beautiful and friendly. She just shrugged.

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