64 Worst’s Sweet 16: Gang Violence vs. People Talking On Cell Phones While Driving

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From the LAPD’s website:

During the last five years, there were over 23,000 verified violent gang crimes in the City of Los Angeles. These include 784 homicides, nearly 12,000 felony assaults, approximately 10,000 robberies and just under 500 rapes.

Statistics are less available for the damaging effects of “people who talk on their cell phones while driving,” with or without a handsfree device. But based on personal experience (including my own driving habits), drivers drive carelessly, drift into other lanes, forget to use blinkers, are slow to act upon changing traffic signals, and ignore common courtesy for other drivers when they’re talking on a phone… or, sometimes worse, they just drive slower to compensate for safety. I’m of the opinion that without the invention of the cell phone, we’d see a dramatic decrease in traffic jams, accidents, and other gridlock.

Of course, gang violence is a horrible problem. But bad driving due to cell phone yapping is something that effects many of us directly on a daily basis.

So, which is worse about Los Angeles?

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2 thoughts on “64 Worst’s Sweet 16: Gang Violence vs. People Talking On Cell Phones While Driving”

  1. Damn you DM this is the toughest voting pair yet. Both have hit home this last year. I’m leaning towards the gang violence as so many lives are affected with the ripple with each murder. Sadder is those like DayDay who went to school with my daughter who is now a paraplegic.

    The cellphones and driving must have some interesting statistics but most of it I’d bet are simple property claims. A guess, just nothing to look at hard.

    If I knew for a fact it was just pd claims I’d pass on this one and vote gang violence as that is often premeditated strikes.

  2. Gang violence, hands down. I can’t imagine anything worse than organized crime that terrorizes the community and kills innocent individuals as part of an initiation rite. Yapping while driving is a dangerous activity for sure, but I think eating, drinking, iPod/radio fiddling, makeup applying and really, anything else, while driving is also dangerous. Come to think of it, driving in general is dangerous!

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