3rd & La Brea

palmThis afternoon I visited the third circle of hell: Petco. The crazy thing is that I don’t even have a pet (stupid landlord), I was just there to pick up some rocks. Putting aside my feelings of utter betrayal by the universe that I paid for some rocks, the visit was totally excruciating. Because the people? Sucked. The store was very crowded and people went out of their way to get in my way. Employees, my fellow shoppers, everyone. Also the line went halfway through the store and moved very slowly. I finally paid my $4.32 and convinced the clerk that I did not want a bag for my bag of rocks (honestly, that is more stupid than putting a bottled beer into a glass), and I retreated from the store for what I hope will be forever. At least until I am overcome with the urge to get a betta.

From Petco I drove across La Brea and parked at Trader Joe’s. It was also extremely busy, so much so that the aisles were deadlocked in places and food was emptying off the shelves faster than employees could restock it. But instead of pushing, shoving, and standing in the way, people were laughing and smiling and being marvelously friendly. A tall fellow (not an employee) saw me looking distraught and got the soy milk from the back of the top shelf for me. People moved their carts to the side. And the lines moved as quickly as is possible, with more opening up while I waited.

(The photo, of a Palm in my Koreatown neighborhood, is totally irrelevant but I thought it was kinda pretty.)

13 thoughts on “3rd & La Brea”

  1. Courteous shoppers at Trader Joes? Seriously? Between rude, oblivious shoppers, ridiculously narrow aisles, and horrible parking, I’ve never been able to jump on the Trader Joe bandwagon. Indeed, maybe for a day the bad juju shifted across the street to Petco.

  2. We all know that nightmare parking and crowded aisles is the price you pay for shopping at TJ’s but that locations is worse than most. I prefer the location on Santa Monica & Poinsettia; the parking is still bad but the store is bigger and easier to navigate once you get inside.

  3. Petco makes me want to jam a spork in my eye. And TJ’s – even the one by my parents in IL has terrible parking. It’s part of their brand or something.

    But the one on Pointsetta rocks the 80’s tunes so you get a side of Toto with your JoJo’s.

  4. The West Hollywood one is the easiest for sure, while the one in Santa Monica on Pico is the worst I’ve ever been too. One time someone abducted my cart, which I had just struggled against the crowd for 20 minutes to fill. I’ve never been back.

  5. Yes, PETCO is a horrible store. Never have I been in one that was clean or properly staffed.

    BTW Bottled beer in a glass is only useless if you also find it useless to pour wine into glasses. Drink from the bottle and deny yourself the extra flavor that oxygen brings and the head that comes with a proper pour into your favorite mug….I should write copy for beer ads.

  6. Neil — I may have been exaggerating my opinion a bit there. I really only meant lager, which is not improved by much of anything.

    Bert – Of course I’m serious. I don’t really think it’s worth walking if my car gets towed.

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