There Will Be Blood

Genghis Tron
Does the recent news of a Smurf Village setting up shop near Coachella make you blue in the face? Do you want to experience exhaustion, dehydration, and claustrophobia, but don’t necessarily want to spend three days prancing around Indio? Well, if you’ve got the guts, stop by the Knitting Factory in Hollywood this weekend as they once again play host to the Los Angeles Murderfest.

With the slogan “2 Stages + 3 Days = Total Brutality,” the fourth annual Murderfest is a metal music festival that pulls no punches. It will kick your ass hard, fast, and with extreme prejudice. The festival offers a hearty selection of bands (over 60 are scheduled to perform) from around the world playing death metal, grindcore, thrash, and, for more sensitive types, melodic death metal.

And then there’s the far more difficult to categorize Genghis Tron, Friday evening’s “Warm-Up Show” opening act on the Main Stage. This Philadelphia-based trio—Mookie Singerman (vocals), Michael Sochynysky (keyboards), and Hamilton Jordan (guitars)—has a sound that leap-frogs between electronic ambiance, epic blip-bloop melodies, merciless shredding, and piercing vocals. Imagine System of a Down stuck inside your Nintendo DS. On second thought, don’t. That’s a stupid analogy. Just see them.

Also performing: Massachusetts’ metalcore pioneers Converge, Birmingham’s inventors of grindcore Napalm Death, spooky San Diego vegetarians Cattle Decapitation, and Stockholm’s kings of death metal Entombed. Check Murderfest’s website for more bands and a complete schedule.

Photo and illustration: Genghis Tron.

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