It’s Time: Hot Cheesy Goodness: The Smackdown!!!

grilled cheese invitationalThis Saturday. Location to be announced at the very last minute due to fears of overblowing capacity, which is also what will happen to your gastrointestinal system after this event ends.

Word on the street is that a number of local celeb chefs will be in attendance.

The event opens at 5:00pm and once the event has reached capacity, no one else will be allowed in to park. Carpool!

I’ll be opening a special Twitter account (add hotfromage), where I’ll Twitter from just before the event, to tell you where it is, and more throughout the event. I’ll also be sending images to a special flickr account the whole time.

Event info is here.

13 thoughts on “It’s Time: Hot Cheesy Goodness: The Smackdown!!!”

  1. When I was married I used to have a saying – I love my wife, I love my dog and I love cheese, not necessarily in that order. Broke up with the wife, the dog died, but cheese has never left me. I love you cheese.

  2. After having a wonderful time judging last year, we have decided to compete this time around.

    I have to say, the practice sessions have been really fun…but perhaps that has a lot to do with the martinis that were being served along side our sammiches.

  3. I am so bitter to have missed the sign up. Perhaps I should join the post office.

  4. Greg: Screw the post office…you can still go and eat. And really, even as a competitor, it’s the eating all the cheese that I’m excited about.

    And the strip club we’re going to after.

  5. I should advise y’all: there will be no booze allowed due to legal restrictions from the location. Unlike previous years, where all that grese in your gut got washed down & cleaned out with copious amounts of 80-proof vodka.

    or maybe that was just me…

    Anyhoo, I’m sure y’all are resourceful, clever folks–if you know what I’m sayin’. (Just please don’t be stupid & get the event shut down ’cause of your drunk ass.)

  6. mmmm….cheese and strippers. It’s always been a fantasy of mine to go camping with strippers at a KOA…and I digress. As my GF will be out of town, cheese and titty-ho!

  7. Cheesus Christ! I might have to open a twitter account… this sounds like heaven on a slice (two, actually) of bread.

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