Sunset & Vine Tower Vision Holds

Sunset & Vine

It’s hard to believe that it’s still going on. I thought for certain that when I returned to L.A. the Earthquake Building would be done and populated by rich young Hollywood whelps. But no, the windows are still going in. And you know what? I’m glad. I think I’ll be disappointed when they finally finish this beast. It’s been such a part of my Hollywood lifestyle for so long, I don’t want it to stop.

I also want to say that it’s impressive how true to vision the project has been. Click on the image above to see the side-by-side comparison. On the left is how it looked yesterday at 2:14 PM. On the right is a photo taken by The CIM Group of the completed project using their special Pentax time-travel lens. Nice job, folks.

Oh, and for the record? The building isn’t leaning.

For more evidence of my Sunset & Vine obsession, see more photos after the jump.

The tower in its full shroud. I used to have a crush on the West side of the building.

Motorola Girl

The same shroud, about a year later, after some serious wind.

The Tattered Shroud

14 thoughts on “Sunset & Vine Tower Vision Holds”

  1. Thank you for posting this. This building has been a curiousity for me. I remember the Transformer movie shroud and thinking it warranted five Alanis Morissettes . I was beginning to think the new W would be completed before this claymation effort of a building. Nice to know it’s finally in the home stretch(it is right?)

    I must note however that while I’m not anti-billboard or advertising I am a little put off by the “building-boards” this thing sports. Perhaps it’ll play well when finished… but from the sketch it kind of muddies it for me. Although I suppose if the revenue from the adverts is passed down to the tenants, I can see appeal in that.

  2. I have a pic of the Transformers shroud somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. If I remember right, zoning in the area prohibited advertisements on all four sides of a building, so that had to change before final plans could go forward.

  3. I remember waiting for the bus under the building when the giant Transformers poster broke apart because of high winds that day…

  4. That’s right, they were still putting it up when it got torn to shreds. I was out of town when that happened, or I would have grabbed a pic of that as well. It was pretty dramatic, from eyewitness accounts.

  5. I have some pictures of the Transformers building on my flickr feed and you can absolutely find the the photos of the torn poster, which were taken by someone in the CNN building. Check the archives here at LA.MB for everything I mentioned. :)

  6. BTW, I too have an obsession with this building. I used to work across the street at 6255 Sunset (the Sunset Media Building), aka the House of Blues Corporate HQ building and had a great view of everything that was happening to the Earthquake building.

    I also remember posting photos of it on fire here as well (when it had the Mr and Mrs Smith posters plasters of it).

  7. So I was discussing this building with a friend today and she mentioned that she had heard it has seismic proofing that essentially amounts to something akin to the building sitting on a giant ball. Or soemthing to that effect?

    She also recalled that much of the delay can be attributed to the major asbestos that was present in the skelteton-ization of the building.

    Any thoughts on either of those claims?

  8. I suspect the asbestos is the reason for the shroud. The last thing the city needed was a good downwind powdering of carcinogenic dust. As for the giant ball? Good question. I’d love to know.

  9. The Public Hearing about the Adverts that will be on all sides of the building was today…does anyone know how it went?

  10. I can also recall when it was built – as well as it’s twin in North Hollywood, back in the days of Wallich’s Music City….

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