Mid-Week Round-Up

from our authors:

and friends of b.la:

  • Catherine @ So That Happened… catches some awesome closed captioning (and while I am sure the CC is national, zombies are certainly an LA favorite).
  • Neil @ Citizen of the Month finds some writing inspiration, but can he top it? Forget it, Neil. (Also, according to this page I was once his Blog Crush of the Day. How did I miss that?!)
  • Ellen Bloom finds something to do downtown at night — besides drinking, that is. I didn’t even know there was a museum of neon art.
  • JustJenn continues her quest to force me to eat cupcakes. Vegan ones, this time. (Jenn’s son is having surgery today, please send good wishes.)
  • Jane Espenson talks about show bibles, and reveals the totally unsurprising fact that Frasier’s was kinda anal. (Follow-up post here.)
  • And Crazy Aunt Purl speculates that the Pope won’t visit LA because we discourage people from using the Park ‘n Ride. WTF, LA?

Phew! Lots of stuff to read this week. Please forgive the lack of photo, I am having computer issues. Like, I completely filled my hard drive. Whoops.