It Caught My Eye: 1968 Saab V4 Wagon


On my bike ride in to work this morning I spotted this remarkably well-preserved and throughly psychodelic custom-painted 40-year-old Saab V4 Wagon north of Venice Boulevard and was helpless to resist doubling back to get these snaps. This car runs on awesome. And shrooms.  Be sure to check out the Saab-branded roofrack and the airplane in the nameplate.

One thought on “It Caught My Eye: 1968 Saab V4 Wagon”

  1. WOW. My cousin had the sedan. It went everywhere in northern MN with the front wheel drive. I remember it was loud, very rough due to the 2 sroke engine and even the exhaust stunk like a badly tuned lawnmower. It would not die and we used to take it into the woods and not worry about bugs or getting stuck. Thanks for the memory.

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