64 Worst: Lightning Round, Day 3 of 4

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Day 3 of Round 2… click the banner above for additional polls, as if the following four won’t quench your appetite…
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Which is worse about Los Angeles:

  • Tagging or the Lack of Left Turn Signals?
  • Use of The Word “Illegal” or Slow 911 Response Time?
  • Self Important Jackholes or Cellphone Yappers?
  • Smog or the 405 Freeway?

Which is worse? Vote once in each of the following four polls – summaries below.

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Tagging vs. the Lack of Left Turn Signals

Tagging: is a graffiti writer’s personalized signature that can be found on any public or private surface, AKA vandalism. A 15-year-old tagger named “Zoner” went mainstream in ’07 when he famously tagged Villaraigosa’s bus while the mayor was at the Santee Education Complex in South L.A. to celebrate the relocation of a bus stop out of gang territory. Zoner was sent to his room, and the mayor went back to shaking hands and kissing reporters. – Jason Burns

Lack of Left Turn Signals: We’ve got major streets and major intersections all over the city but in most cases it’s easier to shoot past the street you want to turn left at and then make 3 right turns rather than sit at a light for what will certainly be hours trying to make a signalless left turn. I know people who purposely map out every single trip across town so that they never have to turn left just because it’s such a nightmare. True story. -Sean Bonner

Use of The Word “Illegal” vs. Slow 911 Response Time

Use of the word “illegal”: In numerous conversations here on Metblogs and elsewhere, using the term “illegal aliens” or, worse, “illegals” will spiral into calling the person using the term a racist, even though the mainstream media will frequently use the term to save space. Still, many find referring to anyone simply as “illegal” as offensive, and thus deserves more explanation each time it is uttered. -David Markland

Slow 911 Response Time: A couple of months ago, I saw a really horrific hit and run traffic accident. I immediately called 911 on my cell and got a busy signal. I redialed and I swear, I was put on hold for 10 very long minutes. Then, it took almost 45 minutes before an officer showed up. Stories abound about how long it takes when you call to report a crime going down. -Tammara

Self Important Jackholes vs. Cellphone Yappers

Self Important Jackholes: Those people who thrive in this ego and fame obsessesed city… who expect and demand special treatment from regular citizens because of who think they are or who they know. These are the people who shamelessly drop the line, “don’t you know who I am” either verbatim, or in coded speak. -David Markland
Cellphone Yappers: I can’t count the number of times I’ve been in a restaurant (doctors office, getting coffee, at the movies) when someone is talking super loudly on their phone. Sooooo annoying. What is it with people? Can’t they talk on their cellphones in a normal or even, god forbid, low voice? Who wants to hear about the details of your latest boyfriend drama? -Tammara

Smog vs. the 405 Freeway

Smog: L.A. has the worst air in the United States because, by and large: We got addicted to cars early and permanently; We then engineered one of the nation’s great public transit systems (the Red Car) out of existence; We’re too lazy/busy/cheap/classist to use existing public transit, bikes or other alternative transportation; and damn, we do like owning vintage V8s, gas-powered leaf-blowers and one of the largest, most diesel-spewing ports on the planet. -Mack Reed

The 405 Freeway: The 405 and the L.A. River are both Los Angeles landmarks for all the wrong reasons. They are both made of concrete. They are both hostile and uninviting. They both crawl at the speed of nothing. One, we keep trying to widen. The other, we pretend isn’t there. The 405 is always full. The L.A. River, usually empty. They are the neighbor’s twins that act nothing alike, yet, you hate them both. And they aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. -Jason Burns