Big round of applause to Monrovia PD

I got a call about 9:45 this morning from my cousin relaying that MPD were on the street and had a guy stopped where the street splits. I grabbed the camera and here is what I got:


I talked with Garry who let me know that he was first alerted when his dogs were barking.  He went to the corner of his drive and started watching the guy.  His first thought was the guy might have been one of those flyer distributors as he had two back packs.  Then he saw the guy wasn’t doing the zig-zag between houses.

As luck would have it Monrovia Parking were making their rounds on the street.  As the guy went up towards the side of Roberto’s house, the officer thought something was amiss and did a quick u-turn to follow and within seconds MPD was on the street.

I arrived after the hands in the air and frisking and saw him on the curb.  MPD did their question and answer thing and the guy left when MPD did.  Obviously, if the man were handing out flyers he would not have simply left.

To quote my friend Garry, “We ain’t putting up with that shit on our street”.   My observation, if you are going to prowl, don’t do it on street cleaning day when parking patrols are out.

Big Round of applause to MPD for such fast reactions and keeping my little corner of LA safe.

6 thoughts on “Big round of applause to Monrovia PD”

  1. So this guy was walking down the street and the police decided to frisk and handcuff him? Yeah, way to go MPD. Hell no are we gonna have pedestrians on our street!

  2. Maybe if people in my neighborhood took the attitude of ya boy Garry
    we would’nt have so much graffiti, trash and burglary’s. The place
    is supposed to be a “Gated Community” but the “Gates” are always broke,
    and people just come and go as they please, what a joke. Big ups to Garry! I like his style.

  3. dhosek, read the post…the guy went into someones sideyard where he would have no business. It is called prowling.

    I have absolutely no problem with people being stopped when they are some place they don’t belong. A side yard up between two houses when you aren’t the resident you deserve to be stopped.

    Garry would have called 911 with a prowler report if the MPD Parking officer hadn’t been there. This town is small enough we know who belongs where and if neighborhood watch doesn’t stop them the police will.

  4. Judging by this photo, you live in one of the nicer parts of Monrovia. People look out for one another in nice neighborhoods..its called community appreciation. Nice to see some of that.

  5. Nah Lezgull, just your basic middle class neighborhood here. Monrovia in general is pretty good about watching out for each other.

  6. well it looks nice compared to Duarte/mountain and Duarte/myrtle crosstreets. :) and it is really nice to know there is still a middle class. I fit in somewhere :)

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