Q: When Is A Parking Tard Not A Parking Tard?

A: My vote goes to the owner of this vehicle that I parked next to Sunday at the Burbank Costco:


Now hang  on people, put down the torches and pitchforks and hear me out. While I’m the last one in this city to give any sort of sanctuary to the multitudes who park like so, and though the photo above I initially snapped with severe disdain does indeed showcase a vehicle in what would seem to be parking at or near its tardest, here’s the two reasons why I’m going to refrain from judgment or criticism:

1) Though occupying the neutral zone on the right, there is no actual encroachment into the adjacent space, and the position of the vehicle does not physically inhibit ingress or egress to the adjacent vehicles. If anything it actually enables it.

2) Given the new car smell richly emanating from the vehicle, I can empathize with the ding-phobic driver seeing as the small SUV looks like it was just driven here directly from the proverbial showroom floor.

6 thoughts on “Q: When Is A Parking Tard Not A Parking Tard?”

  1. Yeah, strike #2 from list of justifications, which could easily be replaced with, “because its an expensive luxury car” or any other number of arguments.

    Also, it still goes across the lines, and forces cars on either side to park to the farthest sides of their respective spots. Additionally, and I could be wrong here, but it looks like dude’s rear left bumper is in the space behind him.

    In short, dude is still a tard. Prosecution rests.

  2. Point of order. That’s my truck parked to the right and I did not have to park to the farthest side. Maybe a little over, but nothing requiring extra effort. And given the angle, I was able to fully open my door without restraint or care.

    As to it looking like the vehicle was encroaching on the space directly to the rear, it was close to the line, but not over.

    That it’s a new car may be a weak reason for giving this driver a pass, but it’s one I’m willing to make… this time.

  3. Will*I*Am drives!

    I have to agree it would be a different story if he was blocking other vehicles. Still when you do that stuff with a new car it does draw attention to those with car keys who like to go skritcccccchhhhhhh along the side.

  4. 1. He/she is not blocking anyone.
    2. Thats a tricky parking job for most people.
    3. He/she obviously went out of their way not to block anyone.

    Even though it’s not a high end sports car I’m guessing that the owner is proud of their car and wants to protect it from the idiots in this city. And, he/she is courteous enough to take the time not to f*ck up everyone else’s parking opportunities. I give this person a gold star and declare them to be April’s Park-enious.

    As for Frazgo, you f’ing let that guy block you in and decided to just “wait it out?” Don’t move to NY my friend, they’ll eat you alive.

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