Parking arse of the day


Picture it.  I’m walking out to my car parked on Myrtle which is the main street through Monrovia.  I have my key in hand at the door and big truck parks behind me.  I point I want out he and he just shrugs his shoulder.  The car next to me has the same experience.   He gets out and walks by trying to ignore us.

I strike up a converstion, “hey there I need to get going”.  He shrugs his shoulder.

The car next to me, “excuse me sir, you can’t double park, delivery parking is 50 feet further up and its easy pull through”.  He shrugs his shoulder.

Car 3 arrives about that time and they start arguing.  Since Car 2 is my friend Kate we just decide to sit and wait.  Too nice a day to be in a rush.  A bit too warm to get all worked up and angry.  5 minutes pass and we wish him a nice drive through a bed of nails.

My question remains “what does parking enforcement do all day?”

12 thoughts on “Parking arse of the day”

  1. This looks like a private lot, which wouldn’t excuse the dickery of it all, but would require parking enforcement. (if that is the main street through Monrovia, its pretty damn narrow, unless its only one lane).

    I would also argue this doesn’t count as a “parking tard” as he’d need to have a regular park spot as an option, IMHO. I think this guy just falls under “delivery fucktard.” Neither term is in my copy of the dictionary, however, so its up for debate.

  2. I don’t know about Monrovia, but I have found that In LA City, you need to call parking inforcement and they come out right away

  3. David. Myrtle Avenue is Monrovia’s main street with only 1 narrow lane each way. I even stated in the lead paragraph it was the main street.

    The city in its infinite wisdom has a couple of loading/unloading spots to keep traffic moving. His was only 50 feet away. I even stated that in the lead paragraph.

    While he was parked there northbound traffic backed up nearly 2 blocks. He kept 3 cars from getting out of their parking spaces.

    I called him an “arse” as that totally sums up his douchebaggerie.

  4. I’ll bet if you were on the phone with parking enforcing while reading off his license plate number he would have been a little more cooperative.

  5. Well Jason today is Mr Mellow and I just wasn’t up for a squirting match. I’ve been far more brazen in the past, today just wasn’t gonna go that way.

  6. What a douche. I’m surprised a business owner didn’t immediately get on the phone with parking enforcement; Myrtle is so narrow I would think that any snarl would hurt business.

  7. Those snarls along with a darth of parking has caused a lot of the Old Town Merchants problems. Ask one of them sometime.

  8. What a shame that there didn’t seem to be any identifying company info or “how am I driving” sticker on the doors or tail. I’d find a way to maintain my mellow AND call in a complaint.

  9. Oh if that were my car blocked in, i sure would not have let him walk away from that truck.

  10. Forgive me for my bewilderment, Fraz… From the picture, it looks crazy narrow, and as if there is only one lane.

    Yeah, I’d have likely tracked down where the driver was making a drop off and getting very vocal – no justification, ever, for stopping traffic or blocking people in their parking spots.

  11. I usually don’t have the restraint I had today. Like I said too nice to let it be ruined. Since the cooter from Car 3 followed him gnawing on his ass I figured I could just kick back and enjoy the nice day.

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