Monday Bullets: Got Gas?

  • bertsgas.jpgBert Green finds cheap gas in Los Angeles! Holy crap, are we in trouble.
  • Cobb gives some props to city council member Dennis Zine, and weighs in on whether or not LAPD should notify ICE if a suspected gang member is in the country illegally.
  • LA Cowboy helps the L.A. Times correct itself, which has the potential to become America’s next great drinking game.
  • Being married to a cop is a lot like being married to any other man. We’re all lazy, as LAPD Wife finds out.
  • And Mofomon’s Blog was lucky enough to sit next to Tony Danza as she dined at the Marmalade Cafe in Malibu. What, Mr. Micelli doesn’t cook his own meals? Next, you’re gonna tell me that Santa isn’t real.

Photo by Bert Green

2 thoughts on “Monday Bullets: Got Gas?”

  1. Ha! I loved the entry by LAPD Wife. I deal with that daily. My boyfriend has a habit of leaving the toothpaste tube on the sink every morning, and every morning, I put it back in the cabinet. I once left it for over a week, just hoping he would put it away. When I finally got irritated and asked why he always left it there knowing I went and put it away every time, he was completely clueless and had no idea I was putting it away.

    How do men not notice things like this?

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