It’s Only Money

Imagine that you had just over $3000 and you absolutely had to spend it in one night. You could do one of the following:

  • Order 950 chili cheese dogs from Pinks Hot Dogs
  • Play over 6100 games of Guns and Roses pinball at Shatto Lanes
  • Rent a luxury suite at the Hotel Bel Air and have money left over for hot dogs and pinball

I don’t know about you but I haven’t got that kind of cash and if I did I don’t think I could in good conscience spend it on a night’s worth of chili dogs, pinball or luxury accommodations. So you can imagine my surprise when I opened my mail to find out that I had spent that kind of money and I did it for five nights in a row…at Cedars Sinai hospital.

Also, that price is just for the room; there’s a lot more, but the other costs don’t bother me as much as the room. I realize that surgery and drugs aren’t cheap and the cost beats dying but the room rate seems a little steep doesn’t it? For $3000 dollars a night I feel like I should get a little more than a semi private room with a single bed and a gown that doesn’t cover enough.

16 thoughts on “It’s Only Money”

  1. Semi-private? When I was at Cedars, I had a private room and was told that was all that they had…

  2. It was listed on the bill as semi private but to be fair I was the only one in it. I’m not sure what their private vs. semi private ratio is but all of the rooms I saw looked similar to mine.

  3. For 3 grand a night you could have had a nice suite and a first class hooker. Hope the bed pan changes made it worth the price.

    Kidding aside I am so glad the health plan we have all we pay is our $50 co-pay for overnight stays and we are done. At least in the end we don’t have frightening room charges and all the extras to worry about.

  4. The Guns and Roses pinball machine has seen better days but it’s worth a visit just to play it. They have some other classic video games (Arkanoid, Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man) over by the coffee shop.

  5. I paid $3000 to Cedars- and I was only there for 2 hours!!! I guess you got a pretty good deal, getting to stay over night and all. . .

  6. I agree with Frazgo. Although if Former Governor Mark Spitzer taught us anything, it’s that hookers ain’t as cheap as they used to be, so $3K would buy you a little over half a night. A recession-proof profession!

  7. @Eclipse – not sure what you had to go in for but 3 grand for two hours should get you something better than the ER. Keep in mind that my three thousand was just for the room fee, I still got charged for everything else separately. We’re sorting the details out with my insurance company now.

  8. Was it $3K per night? Too bad you aren’t younger, as I know a place that’s a tiny bit cheaper to stay. But the gowns don’t cover enough either.

  9. @frazgo – no kidding, the costs for basic medications are out of control. They kept the morphine flowing though so I had that going for me.

    @snarkydork next time I’ll lie about my age.

  10. it’s important to draw a comparison, in case you ever decide to have an emergency body problem again.

  11. Nobody else has said it, so I will – thank goodness you have insurance. (And finally figured out that you should take some time off the job that gives you the insurance to find out why you’d been in pain for a week and a half. I’m still glad you didn’t die of being a dumbass.)

  12. So, I didn’t put this blog in my reader and completely blanked about it. My apologies.

    Dude. One day we will compare notes. I was paying my mom’s bills during her last three hospital stays, and at one point they needed to transport her from a rehab center to an emergency room, which was three blocks away. The ambulance bill was $5000. I still have not recovered from the sticker shock, and I only had to pay 1/5th of it. Chialynn is right about insurance.

    So glad you’re okay. You and the slackmistress deserve many hot dogs.

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