Corn Price Surge


The ever increasing price for gas I can sorta understand, considering we have some oilmen in charge, there’s an inexcusable war still being fought, and some fools just want to make loot. Sucks, but I can see why gasoline will be going past $4 a gallon. But I was not prepared for this price increase I spotted today at my ghetto Vons: Corn Oil at $7.09! At first I thought it was for one of those huge gallon containers, but nope, it’s for the standard 48oz bottle. I know that food prices are going up around the world, especially corn since its being used for some fake-ass “renewable energy” ethanol efforts, driving up the cost of the corn items we put on the table. And even though I knew prices were rising, it was still a shocker to see a staple product go from around 3.50 to 7.09 in such a short time. Some people have the luxury of not having to look at the price of food items, but for the working poor these little increases add up very quick. Maybe I’ll hold off on making those tacos de papa. I wonder if my local elotero plans on raising the price of corn on the cob as well?

Speaking of eloteros, a few people have started up a new group blog over at where we intend to cover the city from an “eastsider perspective”, which will be defined, uh, sometime in the future. Yeah, sometime. In the future.

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  1. I think the thing people will have to understand is that there isn’t a replacement behavior. In the US people have this thing where they won’t change until something very drastic happens. It amazes me the amount of people who live in downtown LA yet still have a car. Downtown LA is the center of the transit universe you can get virtually anywhere and usually on one bus, but no, people continue to drive their cars when they don’t have to.

    There is no silver bullet to kill the monster of pollution, well actually it is, but its not so glamorous. The magic bullet is just stop. Just stop driving and being addicted to all of the stuff you don’t need, though this solutions doesn’t sell many ads and certainly doesn’t sell any cars.

    “Some people have the luxury of not having to look at the price of food items, but for the working poor these little increases add up very quick.” El Chavo

    In Boyle Heights there is the salsa that I enjoy very much it was 99 cents at this little tiny market off of Gless. For weeks they didn’t have it and they said the reason was that tomatoes had gone up to 99 cents a pounds and they couldn’t afford to make it anymore.


  2. And think about the poor swingers. It’s getting harder and harder to fill their kiddie pools with corn oil for a decent price these days.

  3. Hey El Chavo a great post.

    A couple of things for you. The corn grown for corn oil isn’t the same variety of corn grown for ethanol production. My cousin is a founder in one of the ethanol facilities back east and they are getting stung with escalating prices as well.

    The cause is the rapdily increasing cost oil products…diesel for the tractors, manufacturing of petrochemicals are the biggest factor in the increases.

    What is shitty as hell is it is not just the “working poor” that are getting stung. I am your basic middle class guy and we are feeling the pinch as well. Our food choices are being narrowed to save a buck on the food budget. Our gas budget increases faster than we can keep up and I am SO GLAD that I work from home as I’d hate to have to be commuting and looking at those bills.

    Took a peak at the new web, nice stuff. It should be interesting to watch it grow. Those hyperlocal blogs can do some great things. I look forward to following and watching it develop.

  4. I don’t think anyone’s mentioned this yet, but another big part of the corn prices going up has to do with legacy sugar farmers.

    The government, in their enduring wisdom, have decided that it should be necessary to provide cover to a relatively small hand full of sugar growers in the US by placing ridiculous tariffs on imported sugar causing the food industry to have to turn to cheaper alternatives, which, until recently has been High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) that is pretty terrible for people’s bodies, but I digress.

    Sugar is very cheap around the rest of the world, but not here. And what else? Sugar burns pretty well too. Just saying.

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