Friday Bullets: Spray It

Photo by auer16, used under Creative Commons
“There’s a place on Venice Beach where graffiti artists can do their thing without breaking the law or destroying property. It was neat to see these guys creating their artwork, and they were very receptive to talking about it and having conversations while they worked.” (photo and text by auer16, used under Creative Commons)

And whats this? El Chavo! has started another group blog, this one all about East L.A. The heresy!

2 thoughts on “Friday Bullets: Spray It”

  1. For the record, the site is going to be for more than just East Los, covering other parts of the city as well, but from an Eastsider perspective. Tremble in your boots! ;)

  2. “Undocumented citizen”? I by no means wish to restart the illegal v. illegal alien conversation, but is there such thing as an undocumented citizen? To be a citizen, you have to either have been born here, or be naturalized here. Unless we’re describing someone secretly born in this country (which seems unlikely), I don’t think that you can be a citizen AND be undocumented. Am I missing something? Is this an expression I just haven’t heard before?

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