Checking In: Elliott Smith Memorial Wall

Like a blanket, LAist was all over the Elliott Smith memorial wall at Solutions Electronics near Sunset Junction, from the mural’s repulsive defacement last August to its wonderful restoration early last month.

The only downside — and an entirely unavoidable one — was that the years of accumulated messages left upon the wall by Smith’s fans/pilgrims were covered up, too. As such, I figured it was high time to pay the local landmark a visit to see if new ones had gone up since the slate had been wiped. They had.


Closer looks of the images are available at my Flickr set, here.

3 thoughts on “Checking In: Elliott Smith Memorial Wall”

  1. Elliott Smith is such a great disturbed singer (or was at least). I especially like the song The Guilty Party.

  2. Dammit, I always get them confused, Matt Elliot sings The Guilty party, Elliot Smith sings Stickman (pretty cool song too).

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