Vote for Bette!


Local gal and my pal Bette has made a Heinz ketchup commercial, and it’s one of the top finalists at the Top 10 TV Challenge site –

Howza bout you go and vote for her to win?

Her commercial is called STILL GOING –

(thanks for the nudge)

You can vote once a day, every day until April 21st.

Come on, help a local actress get her big break:

Vote For Bette!

6 thoughts on “Vote for Bette!”

  1. i really liked the one with onion ring, french fries and hot dog singing that jingle. sorry, i had to vote for that one…

  2. “Still Going.”

    Hands down, best one.

    The singing and dancing hot dog one was cool, but it the innuendo between the onion rings and french fries was a little too suggestive.

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