64 Worst: Neighborhood Film Shoots vs. Asshole Bus Drivers


Los Angeles is the film capital. We’re proud of that. For many of us, its why we’re here. So, how is it that some lame producers and production managers can make us disdain the film industry by disregarding common courtesy towards residents in neighborhoods their shoots impact? Closing off streets with little or no notice, restricting street parking and offering residents no alternatives, setting up or shooting before and/or after the permitted periods, often keeping neighbors from being able to sleep? And when is the LAPD or Film LA ever going to enforce permits with more than a nasty phone call?

Pulling blindly into traffic, blowing past waiting passengers, and blocking intersections are but a few of the behaviors of asshole bus drivers. Let’s face it – anyone willing to take a job maneuvering an oversized vehicle throughout this city’s streets all day long must be a little nuts, but a not so rare breed are menaces to society, also known for cutting off bicyclists and tailgating passenger vehicles. Ralph Kramden would be ashamed.

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8 thoughts on “64 Worst: Neighborhood Film Shoots vs. Asshole Bus Drivers”

  1. Filmshoots, but it’s a toss up on what part: The No Parking signs posted for weeks on end for a shoot that never happens or the obnoxiously loud workerbee (usually on a radio or mobile) who wants everyone trying to get by that they work in The Industry. Luckily, I’ve never had to deal with noise issues.

    I can forgive angry bus drivers. There aren’t that many of them and if I had to drive LA streets and deal with the public every single day, I’d be pissed off too. As it is, I just need to drive SoCal streets and I fantasize about outfitting my MINI with flamethrowers, a cowcatcher and something that’ll crap oil and/or thumbtacks out the back. I also want a large hand that’ll punch other cars off the road.

  2. I’ve worked with lots of shoots as a location, or as a neighbor to one, and I’ve only really been shat on once, and that was a Paris Hilton/Russian Mafia related incident that had very little to do with normal industry operations.

    But I’ve seen bus drivers do any number of stupid, life endangering things over the years as they cut off cars and bikes, race to beat lights and my favourite, rush through their route so they can park at a stop near the airport to get a burrito while the passengers wonder what the hell is going on – every Thursday, same driver, same burrito.

  3. I would have picked the bus drivers – until I started riding the bus.

    From that perspective there are a lot more ass-hole automobile drivers out there than bus drivers.

  4. I agree on the movie shoots. They create jobs. As much as we roll our eyes about the “industry”, it is a huge part of our local economy and get a little bit of a bye for that reason.

    Selfishly, though, the filming has never impacted me all that much. They do shoot in my neighborhood, but the signs are up for days ahead of time and it’s never caused me a problem.

    Having said that, the bus drivers aren’t all that bad either. They have timetables to keep and no one will ever let them in, even though it means being behind a bus for 1/10 of a mile before they pull over for the next stop. Good bus drivers learned how to control the space and get their jobs done. It’s no different in any other city.

  5. Film shoots keep income in our city, providing employment and trickle down income for thousands. Better here than Canada or Romania, Bulgaria or wherever.

  6. Yeah the driver are bad sometimes. But I really don’t like having to pay
    an extra $1.00 even thought I have a bus pass, just because the bus I take rides on the freeway, that should be included in the price of the pass. What the hell.

  7. LA bends over and takes it up the A$$ for the film industry without enough restrictions… Speaking of which, why 9 days for the Hollywood Blvd. Oscar Holdup BTW?? Good god what they erected couldn’t have required the blocking of the street for that long.

    Busses get traffic off the road and provide transportation for people who need it. Aggrivated drivers who dont let them back in the road after a stop need to be taught a lesson somehow… This is much more beneficial to society – and the burden is a lot less…

    Now if you had 23 year old girls on cell phone drivers vs. Neighborhood filming – I’d kinda have to switch sides…

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