Floyd’s: Barbershop of the Stars

rooney.jpgIf you live in the Valley, and you want a cool haircut on the cheap, go where the celebrities go. Apparently, they go to Floyd’s on Colfax & Moorpark.

After calling in the highly suggested 30 minutes ahead of time, I sat in the waiting area, entranced by the ESPN. I thought I heard a familiar voice. Yes, it was that of Principal Ed Rooney. This would have been a great opportunity for the peeps at Floyd’s to shuffle their iTunes to Oh Yeah by Yello. But, alas, they dropped the ball.

I’ll let this one slide, Floyd’s. But, the next time Paul Stanley brings his kid in for a cut, you’d better have something ready.

6 thoughts on “Floyd’s: Barbershop of the Stars”

  1. hopefully anytime someone brings their kids into floyd’s jeffrey jones is not there…

  2. I, for one, am curious as to what all you local folks (and those who have been living here far longer than I) consider a haircut “on the cheap.”

    By looking at the website and hearing that celebrities frequent the place, I’m inclined to think that this place isn’t very wallet friendly at all. So, just curious.

  3. Scary – I don’t know how much the cuts are for women. A men’s cut costs $21.

    Spencer – I am both amused and disturbed by the fact that you made a Howard the Duck reference. Bonus.

  4. Alright, thanks for satisfying my curiosity. That’s about what I expected… far from cheap by my standards. :-P

    I think my normal haircut should cost me about $15 and that’s WITH tip.

    I’ll spend somewhere in the $20 range if they’re doing a neck clean up, hot towel, or shampoo somewhere in there. But back in my native state… that $20 (again, with tip) will get me a cut all three of those things listed… and a beer. No joke.

    Beggars, however, cannot be choosers.

  5. One time I was at Fat Burger and Jones was there chowing down on a burger. So I walked up to the jukebox and played Day O by Harry Belafonte. They didn’t have Oh Yeah by Yello, so I went took it back to Beatlejuice instead. He didn’t react when the song came on. Damnit, I expected him to at least spit a fry out.

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