Win Tickets to X at the Fonda April 10th

X – The Original Line Up – is playing The Fonda on April 10th, and I wanna give you tickets!

So here’s how this is gonna work: Back in October, as part of out “Greatest Dead Angelenos” series, I did a post on Darby Crash.

I included the somewhat cryptic statement, Exene Cervenka’s got a Germs Burn, do you?

What does that mean?

Post your answer in the comments section, and I’ll pick a winner at random from those. I have at least one pair to give away, maybe two. We’ll see how much esoteric L.A. Punk trivia you kids can handle.

April 10, 2008
Music Box at The Fonda
Hollywood, CA 90028


7 thoughts on “Win Tickets to X at the Fonda April 10th”

  1. Although I can’t make the show on Thursday night (hoping to catch the Friday show,) I can absolutely recommend X to everyone. Even if you don’t win the tickets, buy some. They’re still a great live band.

    By the way, opening the show on Friday will be The Head Cat, featuring Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead) and Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats,) playing old school rock ‘n roll.

    About 15 years ago we booked X a couple of times at Toe’s Tavern in Pasadena. The first night they played for us I was delivering a tub of cold beers to the office/green room where the band was hanging out prior to the show. I swung the office door open to find several people sitting on a couch and chairs, all watching as John Doe, pants around his ankles, waved his hands in the air and danced around in a circle. I took the scene in from the doorway, and as Doe spun around and his eyes landed on me. He stopped.

    “Oh, great,” Doe said. “Now you’re going to tell all your friends, ‘I saw John Doe dancing around in his underwear.'”

    I smiled. “Yes. Yes, I am.”

  2. Germs burn: Darby used to burn his friends and fans with a cigarette on the inside of their wrists. Since the Germs symbol was a circle, and the cig burn left a circle—voila Germs burn.

    Of course, anyone could/can make their own Germs burn, but in order for the mark to be a real Germs burn Darby had it give it to you.

  3. Verytasse is right: the burn.

    Exene said this about it: “I have a Germs Burn. At first I thought Darby was really mean. He was very punk rock, and I was very small town. At
    the same time, he had the super- vulnerability of someone
    who’s been wounded. The James Dean thing. Someone much too
    beautiful or much too scary or much too talented.”

    Another John Doe thing: his recent album is amazing. A YEAR IN THE WILDERNESS…came out some time in 07. Some really amazing songs: Hotel Ghost sounds like classic X…

    Hope I win…and that they play at least one of those newer tunes….


  4. what i like more than the dis-ownment of Darby by calmproto (for what i would deem downright ordinary punk behavior), is the FUCKING X 8-TRACK! how did this escape everyone’s eagle-eyes?

    oh sure, i’ve “got it on vinyl” but fuck, rob, way to one-up everyone.

    also, since i imagine i am not eligible to win anyway, you know, i think it violates contest rules or something, i am going to buy my ass a pair of tickets.

  5. Cigarette burn fro Darby…
    I can tell you, I was 15 or 16 and it sounded like a really cool thing to do… when I wasn’t piercing my ears with safety pins. :)

    yea… what about the 8-track?! I’d like to win that too!

    so far I’ve got The Clash, The Ramones, and I’m working on a Sex Pistols, in additional to the usual Elvis, etc…

  6. a “germs burn” was a cigarette put out on the inside of your wrist.

    if i win the X tix then i will dance around my kitchen to the archies song “sugar” and toss sugar all over the floor.

    -keekle, a black and white ghost

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