Keep your lousy Feral Parrots, I get Feral Peafowl

tpcocks.jpg     peahen.jpg 

The phones started ringing in my ‘hood “Peacocks are here!”  Sure enough a few doors up the street two Peahens were up on a neighbors roof preening away, just scoping things out.

 Peahens would be a new addition to the wildlife on my street.  Arcadia has been cursed blessed with them since the late 1800’s.  Turns out those silly Victorians thought of those imported fowl as a status symbol because of their beautiful plumage.  The birds are huge, twice the size of a wild turkey, and weren’t too keen on staying penned in someones yard.  They escaped and started up housekeeping where ever they wanted.  As a result Arcadia and the LA Arboretum have quite a few nesting pairs about.

Now I have 2 Peahens taking up residence, add in a Peacock and I got a party too!

Pics by me and do get a bit bigger with a quick click.

6 thoughts on “Keep your lousy Feral Parrots, I get Feral Peafowl”

  1. Growing up in Palos Verdes, these guys were all over the place. You can train them to eat out of your hand if you like.

  2. Marshall…very interesting and I wonder how many other pockets of interesting feral critters are around the city. Watch them adapt to us is interesting.

  3. They love dry cat food, but I think it might be illegal to feed them… Certainly didn’t stop my sisters and I years ago when we lived in Arcadia.

  4. LOL…I always wondered if there were wild peahens over there since the Arboretum is full of them. Yeah, I’ll take our crazy, chattering parrots anyday. Peahens are loud!

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