While We’re on the Subject of Free Fruit…

orange-tree.jpgJulia’s post about grand-theft-avocado reminded me that those of you with fruit trees who are more magnanimous can give your surplus fruit to those in need tomorrow. Tomorrow is “Citrus Sunday,” and West San Fernando Valley fire stations are taking donations of washed and (plastic) bagged fruit. The email I got explains: “In just 30 minutes, you can help provide free food to those who need it most: the over 150,000 people living in the San Fernando Valley everyday who are ‘food insecure’ (a term used by a recent UCLA study to describe those who have to choose between eating nutritious meals and other essential expenses).”

A list of participating fire stations is after the jump.

Lake Balboa: Station 100

(Winnetka: Station 104

Sherman Oaks: Station 88

Encino: Station 83

West Hills: Station 106

Porter Ranch: Stations 8 & 28

Chatsworth: Stations 96 & 107

North Hills: Station 87

Granada Hills: Station 18

(Dagwood21‘s orange tree picture used through a Creative Commons license.)

4 thoughts on “While We’re on the Subject of Free Fruit…”

  1. Crap, I wish one of those were closer. I have tons of grapefruit coming up. I have ample lemons but those things stay in my yard as what does’t become a lemon bar becomes limoncello.

  2. I contacted my local Police Officers Association and gave them the link to this post. It is such a great idea they are looking into what they can do with this on short notice. Once they figure out what they can do I’ll post it. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

  3. That is a great idea, Fraz. Thanks. You rock. For my part, I had my own citrus Sunday and grabbed a bag of Myers from my friend D. Lemon Bars here I come!

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