broken hearted bruin girl in san antonio

[Un-editors note: Joz is apparently live blogging from the UCLA game in San Antonio, but is restricted to using the comments due to her use of a PDA. -Markland]

UPDATE 4/6/08 @ 12:34am CT: Sorry for all the wonkiness with my post today. I attempted to liveblog from the Alamodome via PDA from the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four games, but my PDA only posted my title and not the content of the post. I started pecking away at my post during the second half of the UCLA/Memphis game, when it was pretty clear that the Bruins were not going to be advancing. We held out hope, but it was futile.

It turned out that I could leave comments via PDA, so I tried to continue blogging during the Kansas/North Carolina game.

Final scores:
(3) UCLA: 63
(2) Memphis: 78

(4) Kansas: 84
(1) North Carolina: 66

For those of us who were hoping to celebrate a UCLA championship here in San Antonio, we are disappointed with the results of this game. I’m back at my hotel room, having some booze to soothe the pain.

5 thoughts on “broken hearted bruin girl in san antonio”

  1. since i am sitting in the alamodome watching the second of the final four games I thought i’d attempt to blog via pda. don’t know what happened to my post. more later but there are a lot of bummed ucla fans here with me.

  2. can I just say that I certainly feel for the tarheel fans here right now? the score with 5 minutes left in the first half is 40-12; kansas is on fire.

    dude, at least the bruins were only 3 points behind at half time.

    needless to say the jayhawks fans are going bezerk here.

  3. thanks to markland for the un-editor’s note. I had pecked out a post abt the ucla / memphis game which got eaten by the blog monsters. sorries for this!

    until the misery of ucla losing in the semi-finals today, everyone in san antonio was full of excitement.

    one funny side note is that all 4 teams in the final four have some shade of blue as a team color. the alamodome is a sea of blues but the blues i’ve got are the bruins making it this far and not winning the ncaa men’s basketball championship.

    isn’t the third time supposed to be a charm? where was the bruin team i’ve cheered on all season and through march madness? wasn’t kevin love supposed to get a championship before going off to the nba?

    my favorite bruin t-shirt features ‘the prince’ with the number 23 on the back, the words ‘moute kicks boute’ on the front. unfortunately today, moute did not kick any boute. in fact his boute was pwned.

    oh my boys.

    why do I let you break my heart like this year after year?

    will I ever learn?

    or wil you guys finally redeem yourselves and bring the championship back to westwood one of these years?

    a bruin girl can keep wishing, I guess…

    until then, are there any bruin fans in san antonio who need a drink or two to drown your sorrows? cuz that’s what i’m thinking I need.

  4. on the bright side I am enjoying the north carolina / kansas game a lot more now that unc has made up much of its deficit in the second half and is within 5 points of kansas with 9 minutes left to play.

    that and because we moved away from the annoying fans we were next to.

    hey we are all here to root for our teams, lady. you don’t need to be quite so loud in my ear and you can sit down in your seat once in a while cuz that’s kind of what it’s for. other people kind of want to watch the game, too.

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