Britney owes me money

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And she owes YOU money too –

Sure I’ll admit I watch TMZ – but the story was also reported on E!

Seems Britney is so swamped by photogs that now she thinks she’s entitled to a POLICE ESCORT while she Freaking SHOPS.

Where’s the LA City Nerd when we need him – to tell us exactly what this bullshit cost me?

5 thoughts on “Britney owes me money”

  1. Why doesn’t Britney already have her own security detail? If she feels she needs police protection, I know several LAPD officers who will happily provide her with security. They run executive protection security companies when they are off duty, and will happily charge her the going rate of $40-$100/hour per *off duty* officer.

    Every other celebrity in L.A. who feels they need security pays for it themselves. Why should we pay for Britney?

  2. I don’t know that I think she’s wrong about this. If she has a potentially dangerous crowd following her around all the time during her everyday, non-work-related life, maybe she does need police protection while she’s out and about. When she’s out shopping, she’s just a regular person and she should be entitled to move about just as freely and safely as the rest of us. If her movement is hampered, or her safety threatened, the police should be involved to keep the crowd from getting out of hand.

    If she were putting on a show, sure, she should hire security and pay for it out of pocket… she’s doing a special event that pulls in a crowd, she can be held responsible for that crowd. But if she’s just walking to the grocery store, I’d like to think that our society should support any individual member who wants to be able to do that in relative peace and safety.

    I don’t know exactly what she wants the police to do, but if it’s simply ensure that nobody punches her, and that nobody prevents her from moving, I think that’s reasonable.

  3. I get your point – except that the reason dozens of paps swarm her every move is HER PEOPLE TELL THEM WHERE SHE’LL BE.

    Think about it: this town is crawling with celebs, all or most of whom go to the Starbucks or Sunset Plaza or Cedars or a restaurant or shopping.

    How many do you see swarmed by paps? When you go shopping on Rodeo Drive you rarely see more than one or two stray paps. LA is a huge place. How do you think they knew she’d be shopping at that store???

    Look at Prince Von A-Hole (Mr. Zsa Zsa): when he wants his picture taken he goes to The Ivy or Mr Chow like the rest of them.

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